Read Eph. 1, 18 – 23

It is very important which attitude you have towards life.

It does matter if you have a positive or a negative attitude to life, or how you react to the situations and challenges and people you meet.

The attitude you face life with, will have a great impact on how you approach life’s different situations, and how you react to the circumstances. Thus, our attitude will have an impact on how life will take shape.

Not on what I am not allowed to do, but on what I am allowed to do.

Not on what I cannot do, but on what I can contribute with.

Not on what I forgot and did not get done, but on what I managed to do. You can continue the list yourself…

It is the same with our spiritual life and ministry, this is not about us, about what we can or cannot do.

For the thing is, that we have nothing to offer or boast about, we cannot accomplish very much on our own. It is about what the Lord wants and can do, remember God is omnipotent and omniscient.

God can decide and do everything he wants, it is his will that is law. God has the right on his side, he cannot be accused or judged by any human court. God does not owe anyone anything and should not be held accountable to anyone.

But still, even though it sounds unbelievable, God has chosen to share in all this with us. He reveals his knowledge and wisdom, and gives us insight into his will when needed. He gives us the power, authority, equipment and mandate to act on His behalf.

We have access to all this through Jesus Christ. By his name we have victory, because of his work on Calvary. He won an eternal victory, he reunited us with God, and made a way directly to God.

So it is not about what we cannot, haven’t, won’t, must not do or do not dare to do.

Nor is it about what we can, have, will, dare or must do.

It is all about what we have gained access to through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. We have gained access to all this through faith – our faith in him.

Greetings from

Pastor Ruben




Our attitude will affect everything in this life.

Friends, family, work and career, marriage and leisure time.

It will also affect the spiritual life, our relationship with God and by that also the ministry.


If you want to go through life with the experience of success and the awareness of being in God’s plan for your life, then it’s about having a right attitude to life, the right starting point and goal for what you do.

We must have an attitude that is not against, but is for.

It is about always being willing to bless and not to curse.


It is important to meet the small and big challenges of everyday life with an attitude that does not focus on the limitations, but on the possibilities.

Not on what I am missing, but on what I have.