There is a saying that goes like this, “Whoever marries the spirit of the times (the zeitgeist) becomes an early widow,” and it is as true, as it is said.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and misquotations, let me, before moving on, point out that it is very important that we as Christians know and follow, what is going on in the society we are a part of, and that we actively take part in the society.
We must not “drop out” of society, on the contrary, as Christians we are called to "be head and not tail", which means that we must seek influence, where we are.

On the other hand, it is important that we do, as we read in 1. John 3, 1-10. We must know what Sprit we are carrying and whose children we are.
We must be careful not to fall in love with the spirit of the times, and forget who we are, where our real home is, who our father is and what spirit we are of.
We must ask for the gifts of the Spirit, so we can discern whether the main spirit of the times is pointing in a direction, that is consistent with and harmonizes with the basic Christian values, ​​such as charity, tolerance, and God as the origin of all things.

The spirit of the times is changing from decade to decade, which means that it is not a stable factor.
Therefore, the spirit of the times cannot offer the stability and security, which is necessary to achieve a lasting social and personal well-being, and maintain a healthy, including society.
People need something more stable than what the spirit of the times can offer. We cannot follow the trends of time and let fashion phenomena control our attitudes and behavior.

We need basic values. We need the sense of being part of something bigger and more stable, than what the spirit of the times can offer.

We need a set of guiding values, based on the testimonies coming from history, combined with the sense of being part of something bigger and lasting.

This is where Christianity is relevant.
The structure of the Danish society and its ethical rules have for centuries been based on the Christian values.
This is where we must be aware that we don´t, in the name of convenience, fall in love with and end up marrying the spirit of the
While we are active citizens who take our social responsibility seriously, we must also at the same time focus on maintaining a good
and solid foundation.
We must remember, that if a house should be able to have a large and spacious construction, then there must be made a good and
healthy foundation to build on.

Christianity is such a foundation, with its message of love and tolerance towards those who have different way of thinking.
The foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, his teachings, his death and resurrection, and his promise of eternal life to those, who receive him in faith.

Greetings from
Ruben Højer