“The name of Jesus will last forever” – this was the headline for Spring 2019 and this is the headline for Fall 2019.

We must keep in mind how important it is, that we don’t get carried away by atmosphere and the spirit of time, without checking if it is consistent with the word of God and the teachings of Jesus.

I don’t say that we should opt ​​out of society, on the contrary, as Christians we are called to “be head and not tail”, which means that we must seek influence, wherever we go. (Deuteronomy 28:13).

On the other hand, it is important that we know what Sprit we are carrying and whose children we are. (1 John 3: 1-10).

We must be careful not to fall in love with the spirit of the times, and forget who we are, where our real home is, who our father is

and what spirit we are of.

We must ask for the gifts of the Spirit, so we can discern whether the main spirit of the times is pointing in a direction, that is consistent with and harmonizes with the basic Christian values, such as charity, tolerance, and God as the origin of all things

The spirit of the times is often changing and cannot offer the stability and security, which is necessary to achieve a lasting social and personal well-being, and maintain a healthy, including society.

This is where Christianity is relevant. For centuries, the structure of Danish society and its ethical rules have been based on Christian values.

We must just keep in mind that Christianity is not about religion, but about relationship. Christianity is not based on science and evidence, but on revelation, faith and man’s free choice. Christianity is about love – the love for our fellow human beings (Matthew 22: 37-40), and the love for the church and the people of God, “Let all men know that you are my disciples, knowing that you love one another” (John 13:35)

Christianity is about the peace of God and  thejoy and the strength that comes from him, “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).

Like a house needs a good foundation, the same way we need a solid foundation for both society and for our lives. Christianity is such a foundation, with its message of love and relationship, not religion.

The foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, his teachings, his death and resurrection, and his promise of eternal life to those, who receive him in faith.

Greetings Pastor Ruben