Ephesians chapter 1, verse 15 – 23

Who can measure or explain the greatness of God? Who can hold it in the mind, or in dreams and imagination? Can any human being do it? How can a man, who himself is a created being, understand the Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, creator of all life. This huge, complex and unique creations arose according to his will, by him and to him.

Nothing is at random in God’s creation, everything has its place, and so does man have his very special role to play as part of this creation. Although God’s greatness can be difficult to understand or to explain, it does not mean that we should not actively and sincerely be the praising God’s greatness.

Christianity and the Christian faith is not based on what we can understand or comprehend, but on revelation. This revelation is given to us through the Word and the Spirit’s conviction, and throughout the scriptures we see story after story, which testify of the greatness of God.

The words of the Bible are not just fairy tales or legends of saints, but it is God’s living word and thus a true story about God’s great plan of salvation.

Again and again we see God’s greatness when he intervenes to save his people. So it was in the Old Testament, when Israel needed God’s intervention. And so it was in the New Testament, when it was the darkest time in history for Israel and all mankind, then God fulfilled his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Also today is God ready to show his greatness, but all too often we do not see it, simply because we’re looking in the wrong place. Perhaps we expect it to be visible through something that already is big and special; maybe we expect that greatness of God can only be reveal under very special circumstances.

But that is not how it is. On the contrary, God’s greatness is most often found in the small things, like in everyday activities. Just think of how it was when our Savior came to earth – was the greatness of God and salvation as was revealed through what we regard as greatness or lowliness? ‘

Greetings from pastor Ruben