The pastor’s words for the fall program 2019 were based on the saying that “Whoever marries the spirit of the time becomes an early widow”. It talked about taking care not to fall in love with the spirit of the times, not to forget who we are and where we are at home, who our father is and what spirit we are of. We talked about, that the spirit of the times is changing from decade to decade. It is therefore not a stable factor and cannot offer the stability and security that is a necessity to achieve lasting social and personal well-being.

But what do we then do? We need basic values and an experience of being part of something bigger. In the long run, it is not enough with the trends and fashion phenomena that are up in time. To control our attitudes and behaviors. we need something more stable than what the spirit of time can provide.

We simply cannot find what really satisfies our innermost and most basic needs, if we search the wrong places. So often we chase after careers, education, prosperity and wealth, beauty, power and influence and so on…. as if these things could satisfy our needs. But they can’t! These and other similar things can never fill the longing we have. Actually, we are left with an even greater void and hunger for stability, security and acceptance.

This is where Christianity comes into the picture, Jesus also speaks of it in Luke’s gospel chapter 12 verse 31: “But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

Now, when Jesus says this, why keep pursuing the happiness where it is not to be found? Why search where the risk is so great of ending up in despair and unhappiness? What we are looking for is, in fact, not career, education, prosperity and wealth, beauty, power and influence, but what we think these things will bring.

Why not start by looking where we can find all we long for? Let’s start by seeking the kingdom of God. In doing so, we will find stability and security, peace and joy, acceptance and forgiveness, faith, hope, love and eternal life.

The foundation of Christianity and the Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, his teachings, his death and resurrection, and his promise of eternal life to all who receives him in faith.