The church sanctuary is open for personal prayer and devotion Monday to Thursday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm during office opening hours.

Everybody is welcome to use the church room for personal prayer and devotion.

If you need prayer or a personal talk, you are welcome to ask the people in the office. If there is no intercessor or counselor available,

the office staff will make sure you get an appointment.

The office in Viborg International Church is open Monday-Thursday 9 AM-2 PM,

please call telephone number +45 86600233 or +45 61691033. 

If there is a need to get in touch with the church outside opening hours, please call +45 61691033.

Latest News

25th anniversary

Pictures from Sunday 3/9, when we celebrated Ruben and Inger’s 25th anniversary as a pastors in Viborg International Church. A day of seriousness and fun, gift giving, flowers from the children in the children’s church – the different kinds of flowers symbolized that we are all different and together form a beautiful bouquet. After the service there was communal dining with many different ethnic dishes.
Thanks to everyone who helped make the day festive.

The Banner Song

Services and teaching

Teaching series (4)

The last session of the mini teaching series about our mouthm ear, ear and this time obout our actions.

Teaching series (part 3)

Welcome to the third session of this little teaching series – today about words.

Greetings from Pastor Ruben

A word from the pastor- spring 2024 ” Expectation”

Luke chapter 2 verses 1-20

Regardless of whether you have a tendency towards optimism or pessimism, whether you look at life from the bright or dark side, whether you always see the opportunities or the problems in life, it is a fact that we live in a very special time.

There is a lot of turmoil and chaos in the world, where everything is changing very fast.

There are constantly new challenges that need to be addressed, it is always about securing the future.

The over all problem is just that nobody really knows what the future will look like, the day tomorrow can offer the unexpected.

So how should we behave in order to be best equipped to face a future that we are so uncertain about

Throughout history there have been periods when people said to each other that now there is peace, there is stability and balance in the world, a safe and […]

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